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  1. Bullet Extremely rigid steel & aluminum construction allows the triton floor mount tube support to be freestanding.


  1. Bullet The triton is fully counterbalanced for easy positioning during radiographic procedures. 

  1. Bullet It uses the same world-class ergonomic LCD user interface as its ceiling mounted cousin. 

  1. Bullet Standard longitudinal travel is 7.5 feet. 

  1. Bullet Extended longitudinal travels are available.  Transverse travel is 10” (+/- 5” from center) and vertical travel is 15” to 79” from a finished floor.


Like all CoRE labs products, the triton floor mount tube stand is manufactured to exacting standards.  We maintain strict quality standards by producing all machine parts in-house with the latest computer controlled machinery.  Each new part is exactly the same as the last.

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